The Center for High Performance Simulation (CHiPS) brings together expertise present in the Colleges of Engineering and Sciences at North Carolina State University in electronic, atomic, meso-scale and macroscopic simulation methods and offers advanced training and research to graduate students.  Among the aims of the Center are the promotion of interdisciplinary interactions in these areas, including multi-scale approaches to complex systems, and advanced education in these areas.  The Center is organized along three multi-disciplinary thrust areas: (a) materials and biomaterials; (b) computational fluid dynamics, including meteorological and astrophysics applications; and (c) applied mathematics and computer science.  The Center organizes graduate courses in simulation methods, workshops on special topics in high performance simulation, seminars by visiting researchers, and has a Visiting Professor program for talented researchers from other institutions.

The Center is directed by Professors Jerry Bernholc (Physics) and Keith Gubbins (Chemical Engineering).  There are about 20 active faculty members in the Center, drawn from the Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments.

Nitrogen adsorbed on activated carbon